A Two-Day Boot Camp on Sept 06th and 07th, 2018

A Two-day boot camp conducted by IGDTUW- Anveshan Foundation on 06 – 07 September, 2018. This Two-day Boot camp was based on “Design Thinking & Entrepreneurial Thinking“.


Day 1:  “Entrepreneurial Thinking” By V. K. Arora

Dr. V. K. Arora, CEO, IGDTUW Anveshan Foundation.

Many activities were conducted, which were specially designed to make the students think and help them polish real-life skills like team building, competitiveness.
The qualities to become an Entrepreneur and a step-wise approach about the curative of building a business was discussed. The motive of the activities designed by Dr. V.K Arora Sir, was to help students understand that they can only learn best by taking an active role in their learning, Stated Quote — “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand” by Confucius.


Day 2: “Experience Design Thinking By Doing”  By Gauri Mohan

Gauri Mohan – an IDEO certified Design Thinking Practitioner and coach. She is specialized in the areas of Design Thinking, Culture, Innovation and Agile through Training, Coaching, and Consulting.

In her session, she illustrated about design thinking by giving real life examples. Presented several videos based on her own projects and experience giving students wider picture of what design thinking actually is. Activities were conducted, students were given a chance to present their ideas.

Students/ scholars from IGDTUW and from other colleges participated.

Certificates were distributed as rewards to all the participants by Dr. Ranu Gadi and Dr. Arun Sharma, Directors of IGDTUW-Anveshan Foundation.