IGDTUW Anveshan foundation with one of its incubatees  STEAMEDU LEARNING PRIVATE  LIMITED organised Trivim: A Three day VR boot camp at  IGDTUW  Campus on 17th to 19th September 2018.


The three day boot camp aimed to introduce students to VR and inspire them to learn and explore new horizons of technology. The goal of Virtual Reality is to change and adapt the way we see things using virtual systems. Virtual reality is inevitably going to become mainstream in future.

Google highlighted in IO 2017 that VR and AR are the future of computing.

As per the technology adoption curve it is shaping up to be a pivotal time for VR where it’s moving beyond innovators to early adopters.

VR is much demanded in fields like robotics, education and training, heritage and archeology, engineering, industrial marketing, Fine Arts, social science and psychology, entertainment and healthcare.

Learning virtual reality is an investment in future.

DAY   1  :   17TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Students built interesting 3D web based VR stuffs with coding experiencing on AFrame – a WebVR framework for building VR apps

They experienced coding WebVR apps learning by doing with team work & collaboration.

They were also provided with resources to practice at home including videos to watch t and inspire them for innovation in the field of VR.


DAY   2 :   18TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Students had enriching experience of VR using HTC Vive.

They discussed VR applications from entertainment to robotics to social impact, shared their own ideas which can be implemented using VR by discussing main points identified from their EQ, discussing their ideas for WebVR PPT they were going to code at last day of bootcamp.

They also discussed future association with STEAMEDU as interns for community  outreaches.


DAY   3  :   19TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Students learned to code 3D web based VR presentation using AFrame and created interesting stuffs from monumental VR tour to Jurassic park kind of things at basic level.

They also promised to create the virtual tour of IGDTUW university on WebVR within the month by their own with teamwork.

They were also awarded with certificates by Dr V.K. Arora Sir – CEO Anveshan Foundation.

Students also showed interest to setup STEAMEDU CLUB in the college to conduct such bootcamps and do community outreaches to mentor govt school students for free with coordination of mentors of STEAMEDU.