Angel Investors

“ For one is not much powerful, as much as two.”

The brimming startups at Anveshan Foundation,IGDTUW are working in the numerous domains from technological innovation to impacting traditional education system. We feel excited to inform you our six startups are continuously bridging the gap between education and innovation through creative mindset and exemplary skills.


  1. ETI labs Pvt Ltd  
    Develops innovative technological products for teaching like electronic educational kits, microcontroller development boards, communication modules.
  2. CIET
    Produces high quality food grains in a small area like kitchen garden.

    Mentors students and scholars for building creative ideas incorporating Robotics,Virtual Reality,IOT, AI, App Development, Digital Marketing, BlockChain.

  4. Skywalkers Techeducation
    Aaeromodelling provider that develops quadropers like Sky mini Drone and Skyscraper glider.

  5. Prarabdha
    Scripts family stories on a Family social media product concerned only for families.

  6. Inforest Technology
    Have developed Neffler App that endeavours to promote education through animated video/gif and eye-catching infographics.


This is only a glimpse of the product we have innovated. The big picture is on the line where these potential startups will align their hardwork in revolutionizing Indian Education by meeting relatable Angel Investors like you to take their ideas on bigger platforms.