IGDTUW-Anveshan Foundation


  • To serve as a national program for innovation and business incubation in order to support and assist women in entrepreneurship and to promote the concept of technology entrepreneurship, and convert business ideas into successful business opportunities.


  • To encourage technological innovation and accelerate the development of commercially viable businesses in technology and allied sectors by providing a nurturing and supportive environment in fostering entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • To accord significant contribution in the economic health through attracting new women enterprises in technological and allied sectors/industries and helping existing businesses to be more successful.

  • To promote excellence in learning and training, technology development & transfer and external engagement that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship through collaboration and partnership.


  • To conduct good numbers of programs, sessions, workshops, boot camps and competitions in the domain of entrepreneurship and start-up to motivate students and scholars.

  • To motivate students to become job provider in the society through creating successful business ventures.

  • To facilitate the availability of IGDTUW –Anveshan Foundation’s resources and seed-money to the incubatees in a mutually beneficial way throughout their incubation period.

  • To provide guidance and mentoring to budding entrepreneurs, boosting their confidence and helping them to take their business ideas to market in minimum possible time frame.

  • To provide a conducive working environment to the e-cell members and incubatees to nurture their innovative ideas.